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Why Advertise on World-Link?

You are witnessing the very new beginning
of the build out of the mobile web site space. And the smart phones
are moving us forward. Global mobile internet use is predicted
to have a growth rate multiple times that of the
old desktop web ... and for many years to come.

Mobile websites are like dynamic mini billboards working
their magic 24/7/365. And good generic domain names
(like are like targeted category headings
in the yellow pages. Customers and prospective buyers can
easily find AND remember short, exact, "category-killer"
website names. If a path to your company is setting right
there at the target category doorway then people will find
your company. Mobile websites put quick, crisp information
at their fingertips and that could include a direct link to your
product and services offerings.

Choose from several Advertising styles and numerous options
for advert placement. Take advanatage of a comprehensive
range of rates so you, the client, are free to make
choices you believe will best suit your business and budget.

The costs for ads can vary according to the exposure of
the page that carries the advert. For example, more users
will view the home pages or directory than internal pages so
advertising on these pages is naturally more expensive.

Please take a moment to view our advertising
Terms & Conditions.

If you would like to find out more about advertising or placing
your link on World-Link.Mobi, or would like to submit your
application to have one added on one of the sections
of our site, contact us here.

Rates & Charges

NOTE: Prices are quoted in American Dollars (US).

Standard Review

Price: $5.00 US once only non-refundable fee

Priority Review

Price: $30.00 US per year non-refundable fee


Price: $50.00 US per 6mnths  /  $90.00 US per year non-refundable fee

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